Fiber Film Festival

This Fiber Film Festival offers professional short documentaries about community broadband networks and the need to ensure everyone has high-quality Internet access. Please enjoy these films and share them.

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Rocketeers: The UTOPIA Fiber Story

The story behind the largest municipal fiber network in the United States and home to the most competition for Internet access, UTOPIA Fiber in Utah. The network now supports other community networks in Idaho and Montana as well, with perhaps more on the way.

Connected Documentary

The story behind Vermont's Communication Union Districts - CUDs - that are bringing fiber optic networks to residents across the most rural regions. A great grassroots solution to a problem common to most of rural America. Produced by Well Told Films.

Ammon's Model: The Virtual End of Cable Monopolies

The city of Ammon, Idaho is building the Internet network of the future. Households and businesses can instantly change Internet service providers using a specially-designed innovative portal.

Follow Ammon's cutting-edge approach on ⤏

Do Not Pass Go

Small communities battle monopolistic telecoms over the right to build locally owned gigabit networks. This 22 minute film covers a small town that got fiber from a nearby municipal network - Wilson's Greenlight - only to have the state of North Carolina demand they rip it out because it upset the cable company.

We can no longer embed Do Not Pass Go on this site but you can watch it on Tubi.

Gig City Sandy: Home of the $60 Gig

Located at the foot of Mount Hood in Oregon, Sandy's municipally-owned full fiber network offers gig Internet service for under $60 to every resident in the city.

This affordable model of high-speed Internet service is possible in every community in the U.S. ⤏

WRAL Documentary: Disconnected

The ability to do business, get an education and get quality health care are becoming increasingly dependent on access to a high-speed Internet connection or broadband. WRAL News reporter and anchor Monica Laliberte narrates "Disconnected," on WRAL-TV, WILM-TV, and ⤏

The Birth Of Community Broadband

Glasgow, Kentucky, was the first municipal network to deliver broadband to everyone in the community. This town of 14,000 people took a leap of faith in the 1990s and invested in new infrastructure for the future. They set off a movement across the U.S. with hundreds of small towns building their own community networks. Explore the Community Networks Map at ⤏